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Qualities Of A Dance Teacher In Hinduism – Natya Acharya Lakshanam

Natya Acharya lakshanam is the qualities of a dance teacher in Hinduism. Natyacharya is a teacher who imparts training in natya, nritta and nritya. The qualities of a preceptor of dance refer as much to the teacher’s grasp of the technique of dance as to inner qualities like upright behavior and a deep understanding of the scriptures.

The teacher is expected to possess a good memory, intellect, determination, knowledge, capacity to reason, and ability to mold a good disciple.

Other qualifications of a Natya Acharya include – belief in God; knowledge of Natyashastra, Puranas and other relevant scriptures; a life style in which sattva (goodness) predominates; absence of vices such as smoking and alcohol addiction; moral attitude elevated enough to regard female disciples as mothers, sisters or daughters; generosity to accept deserving disciples regardless of their financial ability and caste; kindness; patience; strictness in matters of discipline and in teaching pupils to discriminate between good and bad.

The practical skills expected of the Natyacharya include a sound knowledge of dance as well as music and their traditions; ability to attract people; capacity to create compositions in dance and music; and ability to judge the merits and shortcomings of a dance performance. In addition to all these requirements, some scriptures also mention that the acharya should be handsome, eloquent in speech and eulogy, and humorous in addressing the public.