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Pratibhavya In Ancient Hindu World

Pratibhavya is an oath concerning trust in monetary dealings. It can be called a guarantee or a surety in the ancient Hindu world.

Pratibhavya guarantees the lender that in case the borrower defaults, it is his responsibility to pay up. It has been the practice to have two co-obligates (witnesses), sureties. Liability in these cases passes on to the successors (inheritors) in exigencies like the death of the witness-lender. It may be seen that the witness, even though he does not have any benefit, is bound to assure prompt repayment to the lender according to the conditions laid down as to the rate of interest and period of repayment. There used to be deals involving cattle, food articles, clothing, metals etc.

The main purpose of the rules, regulations and conditions incorporated in the system seems to be that the borrower should not cheat the lender.