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Food Offering At Kalighat Kali Temple In Kolkata

The most famous Goddess Kali temple is located at Kalighat in Kolkata, West Bengal. The food offerings at Kalighat temple are unique. Bhog is offered mainly two times a day. The first food offering is around 6:30 AM and it consists of fruits and sweets.

The first main bhog is around 2 pm and it consists rice, pulao, bhajis (vegetables dipped in gram flour and deep fried), curries, fish, mutton, sweets and fruits.

The next main food offering is between 6 PM and 7 PM. The evening food offering includes luchi or puri, begoon bhaja (fried slices of eggplant), aloo bhaji and other bhajis of seasonal vegetables and sandesh.

The final food offering is at 10:30 PM. The main offering is milk and sweets.