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Shrinathji Form of Sri Krishna – Story of Shrinathji of Nathdwara

Shrinathji form of Sri Krishna is worshipped in the famous Nathdwara Temple in Rajasthan. This form of Sri Krishna is also known as Govardhanadhari. The story of Shrinathji is associated with the Govardhan Mountain. The murti of Shrinathji is swayambhu – it appeared on its own.

It is believed that Sri Krishna appeared in the dream of famous guru Vallabhacharya and assured him that He will appear on earth again to help his devotees attain moksha or liberation.

Legend has it that a cow used to daily shed her milk in the opening in the Govardhan Mountain. The cow was known as Dhumar and was a direct descendent from the cows that Sri Krishna attended to in the Vrindavan.

Soon the villagers came to known about the cow shedding its milk at a particular spot and they discovered the murti of Sri Krishna in the form of Shrinathji in August 1409 AD. On the same day, Guru Vallabhacharya was born.

The murti appeared in its entirety in 1478 AD and Vallabhacharya consecrated the murti and named the murti as Gopal. Earlier it was known as Devdaman Shrinath. Another guru Vitthalnathji gave name Shrinathji to the murti.

Mughal ruler Aurangzeb tried to destroy the temple and murti during its rule. It was then shifted to Nathdwara in Rajasthan.

The earliest reference of Shrinathji is found in the Giriraja Khanda of the Garga Samhita. He is the presiding deity of the Pushti Marga, a Vaishnava Sect founded by Vallabhacharya.