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Thinking Is Nothing But Talking To Oneself – More Such Thoughts

Thinking is nothing but talking to oneself. If one does not converse with others, one surely talks with one’s mind. There is no escape from talking. When you are engaged in conversation with someone, you will have to talk on various topics. But when you are alone, why should you waste your thoughts on useless matters? It is better to think of Bhagavan. In order to be established in the recollectedness of God, one needs to practise japa. (Swami Turiyananda)

I can assure you that you will attain liberation and peace if you but free yourself from lust and greed. He who can say, ‘God is my own. I love Him and without Him I cannot live!’—be he a monk or a householder—is great. Peace will follow him. (Swami Premananda)

Each one of us has a starved place and each of us knows deep down what is needed to fill that place. To find the courage to trust and honour the search, to follow the voice that tells us what we need to do even when it doesn’t seem to make sense, is a worthy pursuit. Each life cycle has a growth and fulfillment stage. We switch back and forth between them. The growth stage begins with the restless feeling that urges us into a new and greater opportunity. But fear holds us back. Finally the need for growth outweighs the fear! (Mary Carroll Moore.)

Hospitality must be extended even towards an enemy who comes to your house; the tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter. — Hindu proverb

True fearlessness is synonymous with the ultimate Reality. Till we realize that Truth, we are in the domain of maya and are subject to fear. Cultivation of the fears of the right kind can help us in our journey towards fearlessness.