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Pran Sangli – Associated With Hatha Yoga – Pranayama

Pran Sangli is a poetic text on the theories of hatha yoga, connected with pranayama. It is believed that Guru Nanak Dev had given a discourse on this aspect of hatha yoga to Shiva Nabh, the king of Singhladipa (Lanka) and one of this disciples (Gheho) had given it the shape of a text.

Praan Sangali says that meditation combined with the guidance of a perfect guru leads to moksha. This ultimate destination is obtained step by step by yogic meditation. Several technical terms, such as ida, pingala, sushumna, gagan mandala, sata (six) chakras, nabhi kamala, surata, nirata, mudra, anahad sabad, dasvan dvara, sunna guffa, etc., are used in various chapters of Prana Sangli.

There are also definitions of a true Brahmin, sannyasi, udisi, grihasthi (householder), yogi, santa (saint), sadhu, brahmachari, bairagi etc in the text. The references to the Hindu schools of philosophy and the Puranic names of Ishwara and His devotees are also included in this text.