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Pracetah In Hindu Religion

In Hindu religion, Pracetah are the sons of Pracinabarhis. Pracinabarhis was one of the six sons born to Havirdhana and Dhishana as a descendant of the illustrious ruler Prithu.

The name ‘Pracinabarhis’ implies that he made the tips of the kusha (grass) spread on the earth, resting eastward. Pracinabarhis was proficient in the performance of sacrifices. He was the foremost and mightiest among all rulers. He married the beautiful Satadruti, the daughter of Samudra of his own varna and produced ten sons known as Pracetah. All of them were righteous and also proficient in archery. They were glorified as well as learned (Rig Veda II 23, 2).

On their father’s advice, to become patriarchs and further progeny, they practiced penance for ten thousand years. They lay down near the waters of the ocean in order to please Bhagwan Vishnu, the God of sacrifices. As they were practicing penance, they beheld the Earth abounding with trees. They were infuriated and, from their wrath, produced wind and fire intending to burn the trees. Beholding the plant life getting destroyed, Soma, the god of plant life, advised them that this was against their intention to further life on Earth. He explained that plant life was created in order to sustain the life of the beings to be produced by the Pracethas. Eventually they gained from Bhagavan Vishnu the favor of becoming patriarchs. On the advice of Brahma, they married Marisa, the daughter of the plants. Daksha was born to them on account of the curse of Shiva (Bhagavata Purana IV.24, 14-79; 30, 1-51)