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Food Offering To 22-feet Hanuman At Kanyakumari Thanumalayan Shiva Temple

Naivedyam or food offering to the famous 22-feet Hanuman at Kanyakumari Thanumalayan Shiva temple is very unique and interesting. The main offering is butter. The huge Hanuman murti is covered with white butter from face to the hip and this is known as vennai alankaram.

Rice flour paste is also used to cover Anjaneya from face to hip and is known as mavu alankaram.

Another unique offering is the vada malai alankara. It is a huge garland of vadai strung together on the neck of Hanuman and shoulders. Vadai is round, flat and, crispy and with a hole in the middle. It is prepared using lentils and black pepper.

On Hanuman Jayanti day on Margazhi moolam, ladoos are prepared using besan, sugar and cardamom. This is distributed as Prasad to the devotees.