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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 15

Others, again, by performing the wisdom sacrifice (jnana-yajna) worship Me, the All-facing, as One, as separate or in manifold forms. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 15)

Others, those who know Me to be All facing or All-formed, that is, those who know Me as having assumed all the manifold forms in the universe — they worship Me performing the wisdom sacrifice. Every practice is a sacrifice. And this wisdom sacrifice is the practice of seeing the Self, the Atman, in all. This is the wisdom (jnana) to see God or the Mother of the universe. As the Soul of all souls, the Reality of all manifestations, God is our Mother. We are Her children, sprung from Her, spirit of Her spirit, life of Her life. But amongst Her children She is worshipped in different ways. Some worship Her as ‘One’. That is the Advaita view, where God is known as the only Existence, identical with the Consciousness within man, divested of all attributes ascribed to It by error, or avidya. They always try to remember that ‘Brahman alone exists. He is Truth, Knowledge and Bliss, eternal and immortal. Whatever manifests is He, the One without a second.’

God is the crystal in which we all gaze. You gaze in a crystal and you see perhaps an ocean and on that ocean a ship sailing. I gaze in the same crystal and see a forest and mountains, another sees a desert, and still another, the face of one he loves. We all have our views. The crystal is one and the same, pure and stainless. It is a picture of our mind that we see reflected in it. We see the ocean and the forest and the desert, but know that they are not real. They exist in our mind somewhere. God is One, pure and stainless. But we see the universe, virtue and vice, good and evil, pleasure and pain. A change of mental vibration and the whole scene vanishes. In dreamless sleep, the universe is not. In samadhi the universe fades away, but God remains, pure and stainless. He is the canvas on which we paint our pictures. To see the canvas we have to wash off the paint. To see God, we have to wash the mind clean of all dirt. All evil thoughts and tendencies have to be washed off. As is the picture, so does the canvas appear to us. Everything is coloured by our mind. As we think of God, so will we see Him: you in one way, I in another.