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Various Dresses Or Besha On Sri Krishna Jayanti – Janmashtami Festival In Puri Jagannath Temple

As part of the birth celebrations of Sri Krishna, various beshas or dresses are adorned by the deities of Puri Jagannath Temple. They Beshas are adorned for five days starting two days after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Since Bhagavan Shree Jagannath has been identified with Bhagavan Sri Krishna, incidents connected with the life of Sri Krishna have been inseparably associated with Shree Jagannatha.

The birthday of Bhagavan Sri Krishna is celebrated on the 8th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadraba month as per traditional Odisha calendar. Nandotsav is observed on the following day. Rituals and events relating to Sri Krishna Lila, like Banabhoji, Kolibika, Bakasura and Aghasura Badha, Kaliyadalan, Dhenuka and Pralambasura Badha are celebrated during the period in the Puri temple.

Banabhoji Besha

Banabhoji Besha is done on the 10th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrab (August – September) as per traditional Odia calendar. The deities are dressed like cowherd boys, as if they are going to attend a picnic.

Kaliyadalana Besha

As per the Puranic lores, Kaliya, the venomous serpent living on the banks of the Yamuna was a source of great danger to the populace and Sri Krishna had protected the people from this danger. To remind this incident this

Besha takes place on Bhadraba Krishna Ekadasi tithi (the 11th day of the dark fortnight in Bhadrapad month) – four days after Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

Bhagavan Shree Jagannath is dressed like Sri Krishna restraining the Kaliya serpent. The actual scene of curbing the demon like snake is also dramatised in the sacred tank of Markanda along with other characters enacting the scene.

Pralambasura Badha Besha

It is done on Bhadraba Krishna Dwadashi tithi (the 12th day of the dark fortnight in Bhadrapad) – five days after Sri Krishna Jayanti. A demon, Pralamba by name, was killed by Balaram, the elder brother of Sri Krishna. So Balabhadra wears this Besha on the day.

Krishna Balaram Besha

This Besha is done on Bhadraba Krishna Trayodashi tithi (the 13th day of the dark fortnight in Bhadrapad) – six days after Sri Krishna Jayanti. In this besha, Shree Jagannatha and Shree Balabhadra are dressed like Sri Krishna and young Balarama. This Besha attaches the deep impact of Krishna cult in the Shree Jagannath Temple. Previously a Besha known as 'Giri Govardhan' was done in the temple by the famous Bada Odia Mutt.