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Dreaming Of Abuse – Meaning

Dreaming of abuse is considered bad as per those who believe in dream interpretation and meaning. It usually means relationship problem and physical damage.

Dreaming of verbal abuse means you will face serious family issues. It is a sign of something bad is going to happen in family life. Someone in the family might go away.

Dream of physical abuse on you by someone means that your activities or actions might drive your spouse away and he or she might come close to someone else.

Dream of several people abusing you verbally means you will see increase in hospital visits. It also means accidents and unexpected problems.

Seeing dream of group of people abuse you physically means there will unwanted visits to unknown and dangerous place by you. It also means you will be forced to shelter people whom you despise. It also means theft and loss of valuables

Dreaming of known people abuse you mean you will be cheated or taken for a ride by someone whom you trusted.