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Velinalloor Sree Rama Temple – Story – Information - Festival

Velinalloor Sree Rama temple is located at Velinalloor on the banks of Ithikkara River in Kollam district, Kerala. Ithikkara aaru flows through the three sides of the temple. The darshanam of Velinalloor temple is towards east. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Sri Rama. Lakshmana is worshipped in Ananta form and he faces west.

The temple has a circular sanctum sanctorum – vatta sreekovil. The roof of the sanctum is covered with copper.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Indilayappan, Bhoothathan, Bhagavathi, Nagaraja and Hanuman.

Pujas are performed four times in a day. Nithya Sheeveli or daily seeveli is performed in the temple.

The main offering in the temple is palpayasam.

The temple is complete with Anakottil, Balikalpura, Nalambalam, Namaskara Mandapam, Valiyambalam and Thidappalli.

The 10-day festival in the temple begins on Thiruvonam nakshatra in Medam month (April – May) with kodiyettam or flag hoisting.

As per some belief initially the temple only had murtis of Indilayappan and Bhagavathi. Sri Rama was consecrated as the main deity by Brahmins who came from north.

A unique ritual known as Nayuveyappu is offered to Indilayappan. This 8-day long ritual begins on the Karthika nakshatra day in Meenam month (March – April).

Velinalloor Sree Rama Temple Story

It is believed by local people that Sri Rama and Lakshmana who were searching for Mata Sita met Sugriva at the place where the present Velinalloor temple is located. Sugriva was hiding from his brother, Bali, at Velinalloor. As per an understanding reached, Sugriva and his army will help Sri Rama in finding Mata Sita but before that Sri Rama should kill Bali.

Although a pact was reached, Sugriva doubted whether Sri Rama had the strength to kill Bali. Sugriva knew that the strength of whoever fought against Bali would be transferred to him.

Sugriva opened his mind to Sri Rama and told him that he would be convinced only if Sri Rama could cut down seven Sala trees standing on a nearby whirlpool with a single arrow.  

After taking a look at the whirlpool, Sri Rama realized that the seven trees where standing atop a huge coiled serpent. Therefore the trees appeared to stand in a circle. Sri Rama poked the serpent with an arrow. The pain made the serpent to become erect. When the serpent became erect, the seven sala trees appeared in a line. Sri Rama then cut down seven sala trees with a single arrow.

The whirlpool can still be seen in front of the temple. As per local belief, no one has been able to calculate the depth of the whirlpool in Ithikkara River.