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Kammadam Bhagavathi Temple – Kammadam Kavu Kaliyattam Festival 2021

Kammadam Bhagavathi temple is located east 30 km east of Nileshwar on Kunnumkai – Chittarikkal road in Kasaragod district, Kerala. Kammadam Kavu Kaliyattam festival 2021 date is December 23 to December 28. Kammadam Kavu Kaliyattam festival is annually held from Dhanu 8 to Dhanu Masam 13.

Kammadam kavu – the sacred grove – spreads across more than 50 acres in Bheemanadi village. It is the largest kavu in Kerala.

Kammadam Bhagavathi Temple History

Once upon a time, the lands to the east of Neeleswaram were part of a kingdom. The Bhagavathy temple and the surrounding areas were gifted by the king of Neeleswaram to the Kammadam illam. Legend has it that the elderly member of the illam discovered the divine aura of the Bhagavathy, and invoked her presence in the sanctum. The place of worship came to be known as Kammadam Bhagavathi temple.

The temple is one among the 108 Durga temples in Kerala and is known as Thriplleri in Durga Kshetra Stotra Namavali.

The moolasthan of Goddess is located on a rivulet in the sacred grove. This spot is around 1.5 kilometer from the Kammadam Illam. The Devata resides in the Aroodam in the illam. The Goddess is brought (Avahichu Konduvaruka) only on Sankramana (15th or 16th of a month) and during the annual Kaliyattam festival.

Kammadam Bhagavathi Temple Festival

The ritual of bringing Goddess from forest for Kaliyattam festival is unique. A member of the Kammadam Illam goes to the moolasthanam in forest by carrying turmeric powder prepared traditionally in an ural (mortar). He is followed by a parikarmi known as kadaygan holding a torch prepared using dried rice plant. He is followed by the Theyyams and Koladarikal.

After pujas, Goddess is brought to the accompaniment of traditional temple music. The procession includes drummers, theyyams, koladarikal, avakashikal, warrior holding hand-held lamps, tantri holding temple hand bell and flower vase (pothattu) and kadayangan holding traditional Kerala umbrella.

The belief is that Goddess arrives from moolasthanam to the temple in the umbrella held by kadayangan.

The Kaliyattam ends with Maha Ganapathi Homam.

Nearly 35 Theyyams of Mannan, Malayan and Mavilan communities take part in the temple festival.

Kammadam Kavu

The evergreen forest surrounding the temple is famous for its rare species of flora and fauna. Kammadam kavu is perhaps the only one of its kind to be the habitat of leeches, a species that thrives in forest floors. Kammadam kavu also has five brooks running through it. At one point they converge, and the stream flows on for several kilometres before joining the Kariyamgode River. What is noteworthy is that the forest stream does not dry up even in the peak of summer.