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Cheeramkulam Temple Near Kunnamkulam - Cheeramkulangara Pooram Festival 2024 - History

Cheeramkulam temple, also known as Cheeram Kulangara Bhagavathi temple, is located at Anaikkal near Kunnamkulam, Thrissur district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Bhagavathy with Nanadurga Sankalpam. Cheeramkulangara Pooram 2024 date is February 11.

The darshanam of melekkavu is towards west and that of keezhe kavu is towards east. Pujas are performed as per Vaishnava sampradaya in melekkavu. In keezhekavu, pujas are as per Shakteya sampradayam.

There are no Upa Devatas in the temple. Makara Chovva the first Tuesday in Makaram month is also of importance in the temple.

As per local belief, Cheerankulangara Bhagavathi is the deity of 14 desams.

The Cheeram Kulangara pooram is famous for the participation of nearly 60 caparisoned elephants. The annual festival is held in Kumbham month.

Nearly 22 groups from Chemmannor, Kanippayyur and Arthatu arrive in procession with caparisoned elephants.

As per history, the temple belonged to Kanippayyur Mana and later it was managed by Kozhupattu Nair. The temple is now managed by a committee of local people.

The annual Thalappoli festival is held in Makaram month.

The annual pratishta festival in the temple is held in Malayalam Edava masam (May - June).