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Chemmanthitta Mahadeva Temple – Facts – History

Chemmanthitta Mahadeva temple is located at Chemmanthatta in Chowalloor village in Kerala. The temple is one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Shiva – sankalpam is that of an angry Shiva after Sati Dahanam at Daksha Yagna.

The Shivling is nearly 5 feet tall and is noted for its big girth. The murti was consecrated by Parashurama. The temple was a Mahakshetram in ancient times.

The darshanam of Chemmanthatta Shiva temple is towards east. Ganapathy, Ayyappan, Bhadrakali, Bhagavathy, Nagaraja and Narasimha are the Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple.

The annual festival in the temple begins with kodiyettam on Uthrattathi nakshatra in Meenam month and ends on Thiruvathira nakshatra day with Arattu. Shivratri is another important festival here. Prathishta dinam is observed on Chithira nakshatra in Mithunam month.

In ancient times, when Thrissur Yogakkar used to go for Kadavallur Anyonyam they used to offer prayers to Shiva on Thulam 28 here. They used to be given a sadhya and all help for overnight stay.

As per history, the temple belonged to 13 manas. Now the shrine is maintained by Uranma Devaswom and a committee by local people.