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Dreaming Of Abusing Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of abusing someone is a dangerous and bad dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. People need to self evaluate after such a dream. You might also want to take professional help after such a dream.

Dreaming of abusing someone physically is a self destructive dream. It means you are going through a bad phase of life. You are trying to hide your failure by physically abusing someone. Such people need to talk about it to others and take help of a good professional.

Dreaming of verbally abusing someone means you will face frustration in job and relationship matters. You will lose your temper and cause damage to your relationships.

Dream of physically abusing someone you know means fights with people in future. It also means you might end up facing problems with law and police. You need to be careful about all your activities in near future.

Dream of verbally abusing strangers means accidents or theft in near future.