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Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple – Story

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple is an ancient temple situated at Edakkad in Kannur district, Kerala. Three main deities worshipped in the temple are Goddess Bhagavathi, Sree Oorpazhachi Daivathar and Vettakkorumakan.

The three deities are worshipped in separate sreekovil inside the nalambalam. The darshan of Goddess Bhagavathi is towards north.

The murtis of Oorpazhachi Daivathar and Vettakkorumakan are nearly 6 feet tall and is with beard and moustache. Both the deities are fierce looking and hold bow in right hand and arrow in left hand.

There is also a separate sreekovil of Thondachan at the Mele Kottam. In this sreekovil both Daivathar and Vettakkorumakan are worshipped in a single murti. The main offering in the temple like Vellattam and Kaliyattam are performed here.

The temple performs Kaliyattam on Vrischikam 16 and Vishu here. Devotees pay and perform Kaliyattam as offering from Vrischikam 17 to the day before Vishu.

A unique offering in the temple is known as Arithraval – uncooked rice is offered as naivedya in the offering.

Special kriyas are performed for Daivathar and Vettakkorumakan. If it is performed for Daivathar this year then it is performed for Vettakkorumakan next year. The cycle repeats.

The 8-day annual festival begins with Kodiyettam on Mahashivratri day. The festival ends with Arattu and the next day kalam pattum and thengaerru rituals are held.

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple Story

The main center (arooda sthanam) dedicated to Vettakkorumakan in Kerala is the Balussery Kotta. Once in anger he left Balussery kotta and traveled towards north killing all living beings that came in front of him. As no one was able to face Vettakkorumakan, Bhagwan Vishnu appeared in the same form of Vettakkorumakan. Vishnu blocked the path of Vettakkorumakan. A severe fight ensued between the two and when there was no clear victor both of them stopped fighting and became allies. Bhagwan Vishnu then appeared before Vettakkorumakan in his true form. It is believed that Vishnu appeared in the spot where the current Oorpazhachi Kavu is located.

The form in which Vishnu appeared here is known as Oorpazhachi and also as Daivathar. Thus Vettakkorumakan, who is the son of Shiva, and Vishnu reside in the same sanctum here. 

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple And Vilwamangalam Swamiyar

Legend has it that once Vilwamangalam Swamiyar visited Oorpazhachi Kavu. Owing to his oath of not taking food from a Shaiva Temple, he did not enter the temple premises, but took a bath in the temple pond and rested there. Later, two Brahmins approached him and informed that the Kavu had a Vaishnavite presence. Though suspicious, Swamiyar entered the temple and took food after which the two Brahmins disappeared. He was surprised by the illusion.

It is also said that Vilwamangalam Swamiyar threw japicha mannu [blessed sand] into the temple pond. Devotees believe that taking a dip in the pond will help in curing various diseases.

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple Timings

Morning darshan timings – 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Evening darshan timings – 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM