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Chovakkavu Bhadrakali Temple – Facts – History

Chovakkavu Bhadrakali temple is located inside a reserve forest near Chelakkara in Thrissur district, Kerala. The murti of Goddess Bhadrakali worshipped in Chowakkavu Devi temple is swayambhu – divine origin.

The darshanam of Chowakkavu Bhadrakali is towards east. There are no Upa Devatas in the temple.

People make offerings in the temple to solve Chowa dosham.

Tholpavakuthu is held for seven days starting on the second Saturday in Meenam month. Poothan and Thira is performed by the Mannan community.

Ullada community is associated with the temple and they have a say in many matters of temple administration.    

Legend has it that Mother Goddess arrived at Chovakkavu from Kodungallur.

As per history, the temple was located deep inside a dark forest. It was later transferred to the present location.

The temple initially belonged to a local ruler and it later came under the ownership of Illayathu of Ambalakattu Illam.