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Ekadashi Night Ritual To Overcome Money Related Issues

There are numerous small procedures (totke) in Hindu culture that helps in overcoming difficulties in life. One of them is associated with Ekadashi night. There is a belief that performing  a particular procedure on Ekadasi night will help in overcoming money related issues.

When there is Ekadashi tithi on midnight, the person facing wealth related issues should light a clay lamp using sesame oil with one wick. The lamp should be lit on a roundabout that has roads going in four or more directions.

After lighting the lamp, the person should not look back. He / She should return home and chant ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ 108 times.

The person performing the ritual will have blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. There will be no financial difficulty in the life of the person.

Keeping Ekadasi vrat and performing this procedure is doubly auspicious. If observing Ekadasi vrat then the person should not sleep during the night.

Keeping lamp on a roundabout, or a four-way intersection, or crossroads is a common feature in many Hindu sects. The belief is that bad luck that is following a person will get confused and leave the person.

We can scoff such rituals as superstition but millions of people perform such ritual to get out of financial difficulties. For such people these procedures give comfort and strength. And many have benefited from it and that is the reason such rituals are performed.

Ekadashi is the eleventh day during a fortnight and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. A fast is observed on the day by many devotees.