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Karivellur Sree Muchilottu Bhagavathi Temple – Adi Muchilottu Bhagavathi Kshetram

Karivellur Sree Muchilottu Bhagavathi temple is located at Peralam on Payyannur – Nileshwar road in Kannur District, Kerala. It is believed that this is the main center, or mool kshetram, of all Muchilottu Kavu in Kerala. Therefore the shrine is Adi Muchilottu Bhagavathi kshetram.

The main deity worshipped in the temple is Muchilottu Bhagavathi. The deity faces east. Pujas are held only on Sankranti day and the Tuesday after Sankranti.

Adi Muchilottu Bhagavathi Kshetram

The Prathishta is in such a form that the Goddess sits on a swing like structure (cradle). In rest all temples, Devi sits on a peedam. Neyyabhishekam (ghee) is performed in the temple. In rest all Muchilottu Bhagavathi temples coconut oil is used.

The Upa Devata worshipped in the temple is Madiyan Chamundi.

The main offering or vazhipadu in the temple is Chowa Vilakku.

Kaliyattam adiyanthiram is held in Dhanu month.

Perumkaliyattam is held once in 12 years.

Muchilottu Bhagavathi is the Kuladaivam of Vaniya community.

Muchilottu Bhagavathi first gave darshan to the wife of a Vaniya community man. It is believed that she gave darshan in a well. The well is preserved in Karivellur temple.