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Namkulam Temple – Avinissery

Namkulam temple is located at Avinissery in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is also known as Nankulam Karippukkavu Bhagavathy temple and also as Nangulam Sastha temple. The temple is one among the 108 Ayyappa temples in Kerala. There are three temples here one is dedicated to Goddess Durga Bhagavathy, Sastha and Vishnu.

The temple is known as Vayalinkavu in Thottam Pattu, which narrates about the 108 Ayyappan Kavukal in Kerala.

The temple is located amidst a large rice field. The Vishnu temple is located in the middle, Sastha temple is in the north and Durga temple is the east.

The murti of Vishnu worshipped in the temple is four armed – Chatur Bahu. The temple has a Chuttambalam. There is also a 3.5 acre pond in front of the temple. Bhadra Kali and Ganapathi are the Upa Devatas worshipped here.

The murti of Sastha worshipped here is meditating Sastha (Dhanyavastha). There are no upa devatas here.

The Durga temple is known as Karippookkavu. Upa Devata worshipped here Cherukunnil Amma.

The Sastha worshipped here participates in the Arattupuzha Pooram.

The popular local saying here is that fame is for Sastha, property is for Bhagavathi and the wealth is utilized by Vishnu.