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Death Of Child – How To Overcome Grief?

The death of only son or daughter is the worst kind of loss on earth. It is inconsolable. The father and mother will not be satisfied with any kind of reasoning. But how to overcome grief of death of child in a real way, not by blaming on fate or cursing God. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi once consoled a man whose three year old son had just died. A very devoted and simple devotee had lost his only son, a child of three. The next day he arrived at the Ashram with his family. Referring to them, Bhagavan said: Training of mind helps one to bear sorrows and bereavements with courage; but the loss of one's children is said to be the worst of all grief. Grief only exists as long as one considers oneself to have a definite form; if the form is transcended one knows the One Self to be eternal. There is neither death nor birth. What is born is only the body, and this is the creation of the ego. But the ego is not ordinarily perceived without the body and so is identifie

Vibhava In Hinduism – Meaning And Importance

The meaning of Vibhava in Hinduism is wealth, property, might, power, force, greatness, exalted position, rank, dignity, final beatitude and absolution. It is associated with Vaishnavism. According to Vaishnava Bhakti Darshana (philosophy of devotion) swarupas (forms) of God are five types, and one of them is vibhava. Vibhavas of Vishnu are infinite but may be put in two categories – main and subsidiary. The direct incarnations of Vishnu are called swarupavesha, or main vaibhava, while manifestations of God’s powers or qualities are called Shaktyavesha or vibhuti, and are treated as subsidiary vibhava. Lord Vishnu has taken many avataras out which ten are outstanding and are recognized as vibhavavatara. His vibhava is applauded in the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and Puranas. Shri and Bhu, consorts of Vishnu, along with His divine weapons, viz., disc, mace, sword, bow and arrows, would add vibhava to his divine personality. Wherever there is goodness and spec

Importance Of Rudraksha Mala In Hinduism

Ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, wear a string of beads known as the Rudraksha Mala, which they use for counting when saying their mantra. Here is a look at the importance of Rudraksha Mala in Hinduism and its religious significance. The name rudraksha is a compound of the two Sanskrit words ‘Rudra’ meaning Shiva and ‘aksha’ meaning eye, so the rudraksha is the eye of Siva. This is the mythological third eye implying spiritual sight or Realization. The number of beads on the string varies according to the way it is worn. Even today one can see sadhus wearing these beads in their earlobes, round their wrists, on the crown of the head, tight round the neck or falling like a garland on the chest. Three beads are worn in each ear, Twelve round each wrist, Thirty-six over the crown of the head, Thirty-two or twenty-seven tightly round the neck, and Hundred and eight when worn as a garland. It is this last form of mala which is generally used for counting the repetiti

Parable - How Are Rituals Corrupted in Hinduism?

A parable explains how rituals or acharas are corrupted in Hinduism. Once a man was performing the shraddha ceremony of his father. He was assisted by his two young sons. When they sat for worship with eyes closed, their pet cat ate the naivedya before it could be offered. The man arranged for new naivedya and also put the cat in a corner and covered it with a wicker basket. The cat was let out after the worship. The next year, before the worship began, the cat was confined to the same corner with the basket over it. This practice continued for many years. One day the man himself passed away. Now his two grown-up sons got ready to perform his shraddha ceremony. Just when the worship was about to begin, the elder brother exclaimed, ‘My God! We have forgotten an important ritual of our sacred tradition!’ ‘What is it?’ asked the younger brother anxiously. ‘Don’t you remember, how at every shraddha ceremony our father would keep a cat in that corner covered with a