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Rise Above Good And Evil To Know The Whole

In nature, which is not corrupted by human thought, there is no evil. What we call good or bad is creation of human mind. In nature, only humans have to deal with evil and good. Animals and plants are not bothered about good and bad, as they do not practice both. They just exist for food and procreation.

Compartmentalization of things into good, bad, average, okay etc is the result of ignorance and wrong thinking.

Greediness, hoarding, anger, desire, attachment, frustration, impatience, lying, lust and many more such negativities are the direct result of lack of proper understanding of our true nature.

When Supreme Truth dawns in a person, compartmentalization disappears. All negativities also disappear. We will not be bothered about both good and bad.

What is Supreme Truth? That there is no second one. Only that exists.

Rise above good and evil. Good is also a trap. It too inflates our ego and stops us from reaching self-realization. Good also opens the door to anger, wrath and attachment. Do not be attached to our good acts, move forward towards the supreme goal – self-realization.