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Story Of Uparichara Vasu – A Puru King – Grandfather of Sage Vyasa Of Mahabharata

Uparichara Vasu was a scion of the Puru dynasty. He was also the maternal grandfather of Sage Vyasa in the Mahabharata. He is Uparichara because Garuda made him travel in the sky by the grace of God.

He was devotee of Vishnu. He accepted the kingdom of Cedi on the advice of Indra, the king of Devas. He was also blessed with the “all knowing” faculty.

Story Of Uparichara Vasu – A Puru King – Grandfather of Sage Vyasa Of Mahabharata

As a king, Uparichara Vasu took delight in hunting. Later, he turned to asceticism, which impressed gods and sages so much that Indra gifted him with a celestial chariot, a bamboo stick, and a garland of vaijayanti flowers.

King Uparichara in gratitude started the tradition of worship of Indra by anointing the bamboo stick. Pleased by this ritual, Indra accepted it and explained its enormous merit.
Uparichara Vasu married Girika, daughter of Shuktimati.

The subjects of Cedi found in Uparichara Vasu a righteous king who made his subjects happy. The king had five children – Brihadratha, Pratyagraha, Kusambu, Mavella and Yadunabha. Near the capital of Cedi flowed the Shuktimati River.

Once it so happened that the seminal fluid of Uparichara was swallowed by a fish called Adrika. The fish was caught and cut by a fisherman. To his amazement he found a boy and a girl emerging out of it. The boy later became King Matsya. The girl smelt like fish and she was known as Satyavati. She gave birth to Sage Vyasa, whose father was Sage Parashara.

Satyavati later married King Shantanu and she gave birth to Chitrangada and Vichitravirya.