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To Look Within Is Simple So We Ignore It And Search Outside

Our scriptures constantly prod us to look within. This is simple. Therefore, we constantly forget it. We learn complicated mantras and rituals for desire fulfillment. However, the door to bliss, which can be easily opened, is always forgotten. People take simple things for granted and ignore them.

If to look within were to be a complicated process; then there would have been the satisfaction of achieving something. This is because we are all bothered about end results. We have been taught that God is complicated and the way to reach God is complicated.

We cannot digest the fact it is so simple to reach God – just look within.

Where is the God located in a temple? In the innermost chamber called sanctum sanctorum. Temple is the human body and God who resides in us is constantly trying to talk to us.

But we have put God up in heaven and we keep calling him. We want to reach heaven. We pray for the best place in heaven. This is nothing but waste of time and energy. This is not associated with Sanatana Dharma but it is associated with the Abrahamic Religions. Just as Krishna was always with Arjuna, Bhagavan is always with us. It is ignorance that makes us to see that Bhagavan is different from us.

But sadly religions that promoted God in heaven have maximum followers because there is long queue to reach god and heaven. We like to stand in queue and then jump the queue to show our prominence. Now to skip queue and reach heaven soon you need to bribe the priests and other religious fanatics. You need to cry, you need to suffer, you need to shout at the top of your voice, you need to clap loudly, you need to inflict pain in the body... and in worst case you are even asked to kill another human being...all for what to reach heaven....

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) never teaches any of these things, all you need to do is to look within and see the light of God. When one sees the light of god in all animate and inanimate there is bliss. And this is heaven. There is no heaven and bliss outside. It is all in us and here.