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How to Realize God? – Swami Sivananda

How to realize God is a question that disturbs an earnest spiritual seeker. Swami Sivananda attempts to answer this question.

God is a question of supply and demand. If you really yearn for His Darshan, He will reveal Himself to you in an instant.

You need neither art nor science, neither study nor erudition for God-realization, but faith, purity and devotion.

Combine all the love you cherish towards all worldly objects — wife, children, wealth, property, relatives, and friends— and then apply this combined love towards God. You will realize in this very second.

To serve God and Mammon at the same time is impossible. You cannot enjoy the bliss of the Self and the sensual pleasure in the same cup. You cannot have light and darkness at the same time.

The Lord demands your whole heart.

Reduce yourself into zero before God. Only then, will God completely take care of and guide you. Only then, surrender becomes complete.

Forget your own interests, your own longings, your own desires. You will attain the bliss of the Supreme Self.

Crucify, sacrifice the lower self, if you wish to have union with God.

Empty your egoism. You will be filled with God. Lose your personality. You will find the Divine Life. You will realize God.