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Nails On Trees In Hindu Religion Worship

Many Hindus might have come across trees studded with iron nails in sacred places or temples. Offering iron pieces is a very ancient form of worship in Hindu religion. In western Himalayas, especially in the Kumaon Hills and the Kullu valley, Hindus hold the Devadaru tree sacred and offer iron pieces as offerings to the gods dwelling on the trees.
Nails are driven into huge trees as a form of worship mainly to ward off illness, death and destruction of cattle, sheep and crops.

There is a popular belief throughout India that tree spirits and gods and goddesses dwell in huge trees.

Why iron nails are offered can be explained from a common Hindu belief that iron keeps the evil away. The trees chosen are neem, banyan, devadaru, tamarind and other huge trees.

In modern times, people associate nails in trees with ghosts. This is because most Tantrics in serials and movies capture the ghost in an iron nail and then drive it into a tree.
Instead of worshipping tree with nail, we should focus on planting more and more trees.