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Kalash Pot And Human Body Symbolism

Know about the human body and kalash pot symbolism.

  • The navadanyams or rice on which the Kalash is placed symbolizes muladhara.
  • The kalash pot symbolizes human body.
  • The water in the kalash pot symbolizes blood.
  • The thread pattern worn around the kalash pot symbolizes nerves.
  • The flowers decorating the kalash neck represents the mind.
  • The five mango leaves covering the neck of kalash represents the five senses.
  • The coconut covered with turmeric represents head.
  • The kurcham or dharba grass tied together in a knot represents hair.
  • The 72 kalash stringing represents the 72,000 nerve endings in the body.

The ancient sages likened the human body to a kalash, saying that just as a pot contains fresh water for all occasions, the human body has the God within, provided the individual keep their body pure and healthy.

Source - excerpt from a article published in a facebook page...