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Dharma Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu

The minor incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Dharma is found in the Brihad Dharma Purana. As per the Brihaddharma purana, when the universe was created, Brahma wanted someone to protect it. Immediately thereafter, from the right side of Brahma, sprang a being with four legs resembling a bull, wearing kundalas in his ears, a garland of white flowers and white sandal paste smeared on this body. Brahma called him Dharma and asked him to be his son and protect the universe.

Dharma posses four legs in the Krita Yuga, three legs in Treta Yuga, two legs in Dwapara yuga and one in the kali yuga. His limbs are considered symbolically to be truthfulness, mercy, peacefulness and kindness.

His image has four faces, four arms and four legs. He is dressed in white garments, adorned with all ornaments and carrying in his hand the akshamala, a pustaka, lotus and one hand resting on a bull.