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Yamala Tantra

Yamala is a part of tantric literature. There are eight important yamalas – Rudra Yamala, Kanda Yamala or Skanda Yamala, Brahma Yamala, Vishnu Yamala, Yama Yamala, Vayu Yamala, Kubera Yamala and Indra Yamala.

These eight were supposed to have been communicated by eight Bhairavas, viz., Svacchanda, Krodha, Unmatta, Ugra, Kapalin, Thankara, Sekhara, and Vijaya.

Brahma yamala text is known to be preserved in manuscript form in Nepal.

There is also a supplement to Brahma Yamala which is called Jayadratha Yamala. This information is mentioned in another yamala (Pingala Yamala). The period of yamala ranges from 6th to 9th century AD. The old text of many of them are currently not available.

Yamalas mainly deal with tantric traditions. Many sadhanas described are diversified in nature.

It is believed that Ishwara communicated this knowledge to Srikantha, who incarnated himself in a village (Kanavira) near Prayaga. He in turn passed it on to Bhairavas; then on to Devadatta from whom it reached fourteen disciples in different parts of the Himalayan region. These sadhanas mostly related to Shakti.

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