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Nava Harathi On The Banks Of Krishna River Near Vijayawada

The daily Nava Harathi to the Krishnaveni is an evening ritual held at Pavitra Sangamam, point of confluence of the Godavari and the Krishna River, not far from Vijayawada.
Nava Harathi (nine aratis) are Omkara, Nandi, Kumbha, Naga, Pancha, Surya, Chandra and, most importantly, the Nakshatra.

A permanent stage to host the Nava Harathi was built on a large platform close to the Krishna River Bank. The nine mandapams for each of the nine harathis, are highly illuminated and can be watched from the Pushkar Ghat.

The 30-minute light and sound program before the Nava Harathi ritual begins with an introduction to the sthala puranam of Sri Kanaka Durga, the history of the Krishna River and explains the significance of each harathi and its beneficial consequences.