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Know Your Truth And Do Not Mock The Truth Of Another

The way in which Supreme Truth is understood differs from person to person. This diversity should be respected. When it is not respected, we have problems in the human world. The first lesson therefore is to never mock the truth of another person. And if you know your truth well you will never mock another person's truth.

The greatest tragedy of the present world is monolithic religions which force people to believe that only their god is true. This has resulted in the world turning into a cauldron of hate, intolerance and violence.

A group that has a similar idea of Supreme Truth are blind followers. They have not realized the Supreme Truth. They are being directed by an individual who has a selfish motive.

Supreme Truth is never at wrong but it is followers who are wrong.

Importance should be given to one’s personal truth – a person has to do the search and arrive at conclusion on what the person wants to believe.

Once a person starts believing in a particular Truth that he/she has discovered, he/she should not mock, or criticize another person’s truth.

A healthy human relationship is only possible when the different truths are respected.

There is nothing absolutely right or wrong. In this eternal universe, our lifespan is very limited. We can never know all that is there in the universe. But we can constantly keep expanding our mind.

In Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), the Supreme Truth is known as Brahman. The original meaning of Brahman is to expand your mind.

What we know about Supreme Truth is like a drop in ocean.

Never get stagnant, keep expanding your knowledge. 

Abhilash Rajendran