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True - Great Happiness Is Never Outside

True and great happiness is never outside. Any external form of happiness has a shelf life. It will get over today or tomorrow. Once the happiness due to an external force is over, there will be remorse and regret. Never search for permanence in external happiness. Seek permanence in happiness within. You are the happiness that you are seeking.

Fear, doubt, confusion and frustration are problems that we face when we want to be one with God. Being one with God means self realization – that all animate and inanimate is Supreme Truth. Fear, doubt, confusion and frustration are problems we create out of ignorance. As we are the creators of them we should find ways to destroy them.

When the search for God is turned inward, you will be surprised to know about the hidden sources of energy that you possess.

Avoid the craze to possess external things. All that is here is us.

Instead of wasting energy on condemning things that you dislike, put that energy to enjoy things that you really like.