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Prayer For Healing In Hindu Religion

Healing prayer is a billion dollar business and a weapon for conversion for one particular religion. But did you know that even before this particular religion appeared on earth, Hindu religion had a prayer for healing.

This prayer is dedicated to the Greatest God who comforts us, satisfies our hungers, solves our insecurities and helps in overcoming our inadequacies.

This Greatest God is Shiva and the simple prayer for healing is ‘om namah shivaya.’

Om is the primordial sound – it is the vibration that has resulted in all creation. Shiva is all auspiciousness.

Shiva is the father of all popular modern techniques of yoga, healing, meditation etc. 

Some of them began thousands of years before society was formed and thousands of years before humans invented gods.

The prayer ‘om namah shivaya’ gives the heart security. It prepares the intellect to receive the supreme truth. Shiva is the anchor and the support. This mantra is the comforting hand. He appears in innumerable form for humans to lean on in a crisis.

Shiva is the immortal in all mortal. He is the infinite beyond the finite.

Chant ‘om namah shivaya’ daily. The best option is to chant it early morning at sunrise. Chant it 108 times and you will surely see your life changing for good. Believe in Shiva and he can perform miracles.