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Kshudra Devata In Hindu Religion – Helpful Semi Divine Beings

In Hindu religion, Kshudra Devata are a class of semi divine beings. In the wide band of the creation, ranging from gods in heaven to demons in the patala loka (netherworlds) with human in the middle world, the place of Kshudra Devatas is above the earth.

As per Hindu scriptures, Kshudra Devatas are attendant deities of more powerful deities and divinities in heaven and netherworld.

For example, the yakshas are one of the groups belonging to Kshudra Devata category. These yakshas are subordinate to Kubera. Kubera is subordinate to other powerful gods in Hindu pantheon like Ganesha and Shiva.

The semi divine beings that are part of the classification are gandharvas, siddhas, kinnaras, vidyadharas, apsaras and similar divine beings.

Many of these beings are temperamental, helpful to their devotees and interested in the pleasures of the fine arts. They are afraid of losing their pleasure possessions. They are attacked by the demons. They are cursed by demigods (devas) for mistakes.

They are not harmful to living beings on earth like pischas or vetalas.

As per Hinduism stories and teachings, Kshudra Devatas reside in the loftier parts of the Himalayan mountains or in the upper layer regions of the skies.

In the tarpan procedure performed to the dead ancestors, a water oblation is give to this group of deities.

Black magicians try to capture Kshudra Devatas for serving their evil purposes.
In Hindu temple worship, the attendant deities of the main deity, called parivara devatas, is the class to which these belong.