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Story Of Uddhava – Friend Of Sri Krishna

Story of Uddhava, friend and confidant of Sri Krishna, is spread across the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. He was a descendant of Vrishna of the Yadava race of ancient India. He was a disciple of Brihaspati and son of Devabhanga. He was greatly attached to Sri Krishna.

On account of his sharp intellect, he was the counselor of the Vrishnis. He carried a message from Krishna to Nanda, his foster father, in Gokula. The gopis of Gokula enquired about the welfare of Krishna and implored Uddhava to fetch him back to Gokula. The devotion of the gopis to Krishna deeply impressed Uddhava who firmly believed in liberation through wisdom. This visit to Gokula taught him about the greatness of unwavering devotion.

Jarasandha, infuriated at the death of his son-in-law Kamsa at the hands of Krishna, attacked Mathura repeatedly. Uddhava advised Krishna on the best method to be adopted for vanquishing Jarasandha. The Yadava forces effectively defeated the siege of Mathura by Jarasandha.

Uddhava suggested the performance of Rajasuya ritual by Yudhisthira for vanquishing Jarasandha.

Uddhava who was a scholar and intellectual firmly believed that Krishna and Balarama were manifestations of Lord Vishnu and he came to this conclusion on the basis of the childhood miracles of Krishna and his elder brother.

Uddhava witnessed all the actions of Krishna on earth and he also had the misfortune of being the messenger to inform Yadavas about the death of Sri Krishna and about the impending doom of the Yadava clan and the submerging of Dwarka under sea.

Several important works on Bhakti and philosophy in Hinduism is associated with Uddhava.

The Sanskrit works, Uddhavaduta ascribed to Madhava, and Uddhava Sandesh composed by Rupa Gosvami (1490 – 1563 CE), describe the role of Uddhava as the emissary of Krishna to Gopis of Vrindavan. There are numerous other works on the same theme including the Uddhava Shatak of Jagansnathadasa Ratnakara.

The most popular work associated with Krishna and Uddhava is the famous Uddhava Gita. Bhagavad Purana (XI, chapter 7-29) describes the teachings of Krishna to Uddhava on spiritual topics.

Uddhava forms an integral part of Badri Narayana, where a separate vigraha of Uddhava is worshipped close to the murti of Narayana.