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Everything we do in life will leave a mark – Thoughts

We all are capable of great things. But we must never forget the Supreme Truth that guides.

Pains and sorrows are part of life and we must bear them. Such struggles help us in becoming a better and more courageous person.

We should be ever ready to own our mistakes and correct them. This helps in making our journey in the world smooth.

Do not fall for external appearance, always bother about what is happening internally.

Everything we do in life will leave a mark. Be conscious of all our actions.

If you wish for anything other than Supreme Truth (God or Brahman), it will ultimately end in disappoint and misery.

If it is meant to happen, then it will just happen – many of us have this attitude. An even better attitude is to take charge and attempt to make it happen without worrying about the end result.

Devotion does not mean being trapped in false beliefs and superstitions. True devotion is inward journey. Realizing that am part of the Supreme Truth and all that is here is Supreme Truth.

Negative emotions, negative thinking, negative perception can be prevented by having true faith.