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Mool Madhava Form Of Lord Vishnu

Mool Madhava form of Lord Vishnu is associated with Veni Madhav. Mool Madhav form of Lord Vishnu resides at the root of the akshyavata in Prayagraj. As per Hindu belief, Veni Madhav form of Lord Vishnu performs all the three functions of creation, preservation and transformation.

Mool Madhav is one among the three different forms of Veni Madhav.

The Mool Madhav of Vishnu is responsible for commencement of creation. This form also plays a significant role in preservation. It provides a part of energy necessary for the sustenance of life forms in the universe.

Mool Madhava is also responsible for the first visible form of Lord Vishnu. This form first appeared to satisfy living beings who could not understand the concept of formless Brahman.