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Use of Milk and Saffron on Shivling to Get blessing of Shiva and Vishnu

There are numerous types of abhishekam on a Shivling. One of the rarest abhishek is pouring milk mixed with saffron on Shivling. Mixing saffron to milk will give it a yellow color. This abhishek is performed to overcome financial difficulties.

There is a belief that such abhishek as the blessing of Shiva and Vishnu.

White is the color associated with Shiva. Yellow is the color associated with Vishnu. Thus a devotee gets the blessing of both Shiva and Vishnu by bathing a Shivling using milk mixed with kesar or saffron.

Bathing black Shivling in temple or home or sacred place using milk and saffron helps in overcoming all money related troubles.

In some regions, saffron is replaced with turmeric powder. In such cases, a person gets the blessing of Shiva and Shakti. Turmeric is associated with Mother Goddess Shakti.