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Realize The Boundless Within – Quotes From Hindu Scriptures

Realize boundless within for bliss and to escape from suffering on earth. Quotes from Hindu scriptures.

As oil in the sesame seed, butter in the curd, water in the stream, fire in the arani wood, so is the Atman in one’s self to be discovered by one who realizes It through truth and tapasya. (Brahma Upanishad, 17)

One should wake up the mind merged in sleep; one should bring the dispersed mind into tranquility again; one should know when the mind is tinged with desire; one should not disturb the mind established in equipoise. One should not enjoy happiness in that state; but one should become unattached through discernment. When the mind established in steadiness wants to issue out, one should concentrate it with diligence. (Mandukya Upanishad Karika, 3.44–5)

Taking hold of the bow, the great weapon familiar in the Upanishads, one should fix on it an arrow sharpened with meditation. Drawing the string, O good-looking one, hit that very target that is the Imperishable with the mind absorbed in Its thought. (Mundaka Upanishad, 2.2.3)