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Forgive and Forget Quotes And Thoughts

Forgiving and forgetting people who have hurt is one of the hardest things in life. It is easy to say forgive and forget. However, in practical terms it is a near impossibility. But have we ever realized that when we are unable to forgive and forget we are actually helping the people who have hurt us to hurt us more.

By remembering and carrying the burden, we are constantly suffering. In this way, we are helping the people who had hurt in the past to hurt us in present and future.

This leads to increase in blood pressure (BP), anger, frustration, depression, bad health and we also unknowingly hurt people who love and care for us.

So forgive and forget. It is tough. But it is the wisest thing to do.

Now some might say I can forgive but not forget. This is just another way of saying ‘I will not forgive.’

Forgive from the heart; dissolve all attitudes of hatred and negativity. Remain humble and let forgiveness enrich our life and of those who love and care for us.