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Dnyaneshwari Chapter I4 Teachings

A collection of teachings from chapter 14 of Dnyaneshwari.

The knowledge of Self is over everything else, because it is like fire, whereas all other branches of learning are like straw.

Knowledge of Self secures liberation and puts an end to all complications of the world.

When the mind is controlled by the mind and the Soul rests in Brahman, even existence in the physical body does not bind the Soul.

Having attained Me, they become eternal in My eternity and perfect in My perfection.

When there is no difference between them and Me, they share the truth and the joy, that is in Me.

Just as space contained in a vessel joins up with space generally, they become all-pervading, as I am. It is like light joining light, when many lamps lighted from one lamp are joined to another. The travail of duality is over and the distinction of "I and thou" goes away.

When creation starts again, there is no rebirth for them.

When creation comes to an end, there is no death for them.

Knowledge of Self secures them immunity from the bonds of birth and death and brings them to Me.


Something more.....if you find something similar with the above it is just that the wise think alike in all ages and culture...

A knight in medieval Japan deserted his liege lord after long inner struggles, for such an action was inconceivable according to the code of knighthood. He did it because he felt an overwhelming vocation for the Zen life.

Having spent some twelve years in one of the mountain monasteries, he set out on pilgrimage. Before long he encountered a knight on horseback who recognized him and made to strike him down but then decided against it as he was unwilling to sully his sword.

So he just spat in the monk's face as he rode by; In the act of wiping away the spittle, the monk realized in a flash what in former days his reaction would have been to such an insult. Deeply moved, he turned round towards the mountain area where he had done his training, bowed, and composed a poem:

The mountain is the mountain
And the Way is the same as of old.
Verily what has changed Is my own heart.

Source - The Wisdom of the Zen Master, pp. 18-19, Sheldon Press, London.