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Shushkarevati – Goddess Who Drank The Blood Of Andhaka

The story of demon Andhaka is found in various Puranas. His greatest weapon was that he was able to create a replica of himself from every single drop of blood that fell from his body. Shushkarevati appeared from the body of Maha Vishnu to drink the blood of Andhaka and help Mahadev Shiva in annihilating the demon.

Story of Shushkarevati

As per Matsya Purana, Andhaka once happened to see Goddess Parvati was smitten by her beauty. He attempted to kidnap her.

Angry Shiva fought with the demon and hit him with his Pashupatastra. The demon started bleeding profusely on being hit by the arrow of Shiva.

From the drops of blood falling from his body appeared thousands of Andhakas. As per some Puranas, the Saptamatrikas appeared and drank the blood to help Shiva.

But as per Matsya Purana, Maha Vishnu appeared on the scene and became angry on seeing the sprouting Andhakas. His anger took the form of Goddess Shushkarevati. Soon the Goddess took a gigantic form and sucked up all the blood from the body of the demon.
Shiva then lifted the demon on his trident. The demon realized his folly and asked for forgiveness.

Shiva then made Andhaka a gana.

As per Kubjika Mata Tantra, Shushkarevati is one among the 32 goddesses that are part of the Soma Mandala. These 32 goddesses together form 32 syllables of the Aghora Mantra. 
Goddess Shushkarevati is a pot-bellied dwarf goddess but can take any form. She has sixteen arms and has an animal has her vehicle.

She is also a fertility goddess and is worshipped by couples for begetting healthy children.

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