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Real Treasure Distributed By Ramana Maharshi

Real treasure is not gold or diamond but everlasting bliss which cannot be extinguished by any earthly force. Ramana Maharshi distributed the real treasure for free during his lifetime. Here is a miniscule part of that treasure.

If we progress, the world progresses. As you are, so is the world. Without understanding the Self, what is the use of understanding the world ? Without Self Knowledge, the knowledge of the world is of no use. Dive within and see the treasures that are locked up there. Cut open your heart and see the world through the eyes of your Supreme Self. Tear down the veils and you will see the divine majesty of your own Self.

People that are on the lower rungs of the ladder waste their energies by being preoccupied with questions like will there be a prophet, will someone come to save the world, will the world will be rejuvenated…etc.

Everyone is an Avatar of God. One who knows the Truth sees everyone else as a manifestation of God. Those who have eyes can alone see; and to the pure, everything is pure.

Setting time apart for meditation is only for spiritual novices. A man who is advanced always enjoys the divine beatitude, whether he is employed in work or not. While his hand is in society, he keeps his head cool in solitude.

There is no conflict between work and wisdom. On the other hand, selfless work leads to Self Knowledge.

He should surrender the ego that binds man to this mundane earth. Giving up the body-consciousness is the true renunciation.

Self-analysis leads to self-realization and this is the best path to know god.

When you do not know properly about the present, why should you trouble yourself about the future? Take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.

The world is neither too good nor too bad; it is a mixture of both good and bad. Unmixed happiness and unqualified sorrow will never be found.

Solution to the puzzle of God – Self enquiry, the solving of the great problem "Who am I?" by enquiry into the nature of one's own self.

You lost sight of the bliss because your meditative attitude had not become natural. When you become habitually reflective, the enjoyment of spiritual beatitude becomes a matter of natural experience.

Self-progression in the spiritual realm is not easily discernible.

Enlightenment can happen only through deep reflection and constant meditation.

Source The Mountain Path October 1981 Issue – page 196 to 198

From various readings.....

People fancy moksha is somewhere and has to be searched for after kicking out samsara. Moksha is knowing yourself within yourself.

Keep on to a single thought. You will progress.

Only you must know what God is. All are seeing God always. Only they don't realize it. Find out what God is. People see and yet they don't see, because they don't know God.

All religions postulate the three fundamentals, the world, the soul and God, but it is only the one Reality that manifests itself as these three. One can say 'The three are really three' only as long as the ego lasts. Therefore to inhere in one's own Being, where the 'I' or ego is dead is the perfect state.

It is rather the unlearned who are saved than those whose ego has not yet subsided in spite of their learning.

What is Atma? It is all-pervading. When I tell him that it is called ‘Heart’ he says there is no room in it for him to stay. What can I do? To say that there is no room in the heart after filling it full of vasanas (inherent tendencies and cravings) is like grumbling that there is no room to sit down in a house as big as country. If all the junk is thrown out won't there be room? The body itself is junk. These people are like someone who fills all the rooms of his house chock full of junk which is not necessary for his body and then complains that there is no room for his body in it. In the same way they fill the mind with all sorts of vasanas and then say there is 'no room for the Self in it. If all the vasanas are swept away and thrown out there will be plenty of room and it will all be Atma. Then there will be no such thing as a separate 'I’ so what need then for room, or who would occupy the room ? Instead of seeking the Self they say 'no room! no room! just like shutting your eyes and saying there is no sun, What can be done?