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What is Karma Yoga in Hinduism?

Karma means action of the body, mind or speech. It is not possible to be without action even for a few moments. Karma Yoga, as explained in the Bhagavad Gita, is skill in action. Skill here consists in remaining unaffected, unsmitten by the effects of actions. For understanding this skill it is necessary to understand the doctrine of karma, which is one of the fundamental assertions of Hindu philosophy. It says that an individual is accountable for each one of the multifarious deeds or actions performed in life, and one has necessarily to enjoy the fruits or effects, which may be good or bad, of each karma. They may be obtained in this life or in a future life. And during the present life, the fruits of karmas of past lives are obtained. Each karma leaves its trace in the mind, and that has a binding effect on the mind, because unless one enjoys the fruit of that trace, that keeps on sullying the mind by its presence. Thus at anytime the mind of everyone of us is a vast st

Real Treasure Distributed By Ramana Maharshi

Real treasure is not gold or diamond but everlasting bliss which cannot be extinguished by any earthly force. Ramana Maharshi distributed the real treasure for free during his lifetime. Here is a miniscule part of that treasure. If we progress, the world progresses. As you are, so is the world. Without understanding the Self, what is the use of understanding the world ? Without Self Knowledge, the knowledge of the world is of no use. Dive within and see the treasures that are locked up there. Cut open your heart and see the world through the eyes of your Supreme Self. Tear down the veils and you will see the divine majesty of your own Self. People that are on the lower rungs of the ladder waste their energies by being preoccupied with questions like will there be a prophet, will someone come to save the world, will the world will be rejuvenated…etc. Everyone is an Avatar of God. One who knows the Truth sees everyone else as a manifestation of God. Those who have eyes ca