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Shishnadeva – About God Shishna Deva

Shishnadeva is one of the earliest attempts by human mind to understand Rudra Shiva. Shiva, the auspicious one and the one without a second, is beyond words and human imagination. Shishna Deva is beyond the rules of society. He cannot be captured inside four walls or in an image.

The entire world is filled with the presence of Shishnadeva. He is Rudra, the ferocious, and Shiva, the auspicious one.

He creates humans and gods. He sustains all animate and inanimate. He is everything. He is the primordial seed. He is all that we know and all that we do not know.

The name Shishnadeva is found in Rig Veda (7.21.5). The lower human mind which was unable to comprehend the greatness and vastness of Shishna Deva tried to see him in phallus. It was and is still the best possible symbol of creation and regeneration.

The first outsiders (foreigners) who translated and studied Vedas had only heard, seen, felt and studied god in human form. These brainwashed monolithic religion influenced scholars interpreted each and everything in their school of thought. So an attempt was made to belittle Shishnadeva. They tried to categorize him something unworthy. But this is not true at all. The forest dwellers and early inhabitants who worshipped knew very well that it was Rudra.

For a follower of Sanatana Dharma, Shishnadeva is Shiva – who is present in all animate and inanimate.