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Shamlaji Mandir Kartik Purnima Fair 2024 – Shamlaji Temple Festival November

Shamlaji Mandir Kartik Purnima Fair attracts thousands of Hindu devotees from India and around the world. Shamlaji Temple Festival begins on full moon day in November and continues for three weeks. Shamlaji Kartik Purnima Fair 2024 date – begins – on November 15.

Shamlaji Mandir is a well known ancient place of pilgrimage on the bank of Meshwo River in Sabarkantha District in Gujarat.

Shamlaji Temple Festival November

Shamlaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is an important Vaishnavite shrines.
Shamlaji meaning the dark god is also known as Sakshi Gopal and Gadadgar (the holder of the mace).

Shamlaji Mandir Kartik Purnima Fair is a essentially festival of lights as it is observed 15 days after Diwali.

The preparations for the annual fair start four days before Kartik Purnima, or full moon day in Kartik month, and continue for about three weeks.

Majority of the crowd consists of people from Kheda, Ahmedabad and Sabarkantha districts. The fair is attended by more than 200,000 people.

Sabarkantha is on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Hence, Rajasthani people also come to this fair. Communities living in forests and hills also take special interest in it. 

The Bhils have great faith in Shamlaji, whom they call Kalio Bavaji or the Dark Divinity.
As part of Kartik Purnima rituals, people take holy dip in the Meshwo River especially in the Nagadharo pool near Vishrama Ghata. Some people come in a troupe and sing bhajanas each led by a bhakta. There are inns for the stay of pilgrims and visitors.