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Why Do I Suffer?

The simple and direct answer to why do I suffer is because of ignorance. However, if the suffering is associated with body pain then it is due to Karma – it is the result of our Adharmic activities in this birth or previous births.

Mental suffering is a subjective matter – it takes place in the mind of the person and it is modified by individual bias.

All human beings suffer due to ignorance. We suffer due to our desires, expectations, and attachment. Our inability to see through the single source of energy in all living and nonliving is the reason why we suffer mentally.

We want warmth, we want approval, we want wealth, we want power, we want love, and we want appreciation…this unending list of wants causes only pain. When we get something, we are dissatisfied, as it did not meet our expectations, or we want more.

Nobody is born to suffer. It is false knowledge and lack of true understanding that causes suffering. We believe that happiness is outside from a young age, this is then drilled into our mind by parents, school, and society. It is this false knowledge that causes all kinds of suffering. The day we realize that all form of happiness inside us and not outside we will come out of the clutches of suffering. But if we continue searching for happiness outside we will get entangled in the web of suffering and then there will be no exit.

Poverty, racism, inequality, competition, failure, approval, acceptance, fear, betrayal etc are reasons for suffering. But if we look at each one of them from a different point of view we will realize that all of them are the result of our search for happiness and comfort outside.

We must realize that people can cause injury to our body forcefully but they can hurt our mind only if we permit them. A strong mind is necessary to overcome suffering. A mind, which cannot be shaken, is the needed if you wish to stop suffering.

When we are suffering due to our ignorance we are also transferring the suffering to the near and dear, especially children. Neglecting children will cause trauma and mental distress, which they will carry throughout their life. So we must come out of our suffering to make sure that the next generation does not undergo the same experience.

The ideal way to stop suffering is to lead a spiritual life with proper understanding. Stop all forms of expectations. Live a simple and uncomplicated life.