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Bajrang Baan – Importance and Power of Bajrang Baan – How to Chant?

Bajrang Baan is a devotional song composed by Sant Tulsidas. The bhajan is of great importance to Hanuman devotees. It is believed that the power in Bajrang Baan can miraculously provide a person with the much needed mental and physical strength to face challenges of life.

When the mantra is chanted with piety and devotion, the power Hanuman enters the body of a person. Such a person will be blessed with physical strength and the mind will not be swayed by external forces.

Benfits and Power of Bajrang Baan

As per Tantra followers, Bajrang Baan is like Ram Baan.
  • It can help in overcoming various diseases affecting the human body.
  • It is also ideal for people who are suffering due to the fear of ghosts in homes.
  • It helps in curing various mental problems.
  • It is also good solution against evil eye.
  • Helpful for those suffering from sleep disorders.
  • Chant it while traveling alone during night.
  • Those suffering from Mangala and Shani Dosh will find relief.

How to chant Bajrang Baan?

  • The mantra can be chanted by both men, women and children.
  • On Tuesday, wake up early in the morning.
  • Clean the house and then take bath.
  • Wear red color cloth.
  • Find a silent spot to meditate.
  • Install murti of Hanuman – painting, photo, sculpture or idol. 
  • Hanuman yantra is another very good option.
  • The murti should be kept on a red cloth.
  • Light a lamp using ghee. Only a single wick should be used.
  • Then the devotee should meditate on Hanuman. The mind should be filled with Hanuman murti. There should be no other thought.
  • Then he should chant the Bajrang Baan.
  • Offer a banana to Hanuman on completing the chanting.
  • Flowers, dhoop, itar etc should not be offered while chanting Bajrang Baan. Importance should be given to meditation not to puja and rituals.