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How Lakshmanpur – Lakshmanavati became Lucknow?

The present day Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, was earlier known as Lakshmanpur or Lakshmanavati. The popular belief is that the city was founded by Lakshmana brother Bhagavan Sri Ram.

Ayodhya, the capital of Sri Ram, in the Ramayana is around 80 miles west of Lucknow. There is a mound in the old portion of Lucknow city and it is known as Lakshman Teela.

The belief is that the city was part of Kosala kingdom and Sri Ram gifted it to his brother Lakshman.

Naimisharanya, the holy place where Puranas were narrated by Suta Rishi to Sanakadi Rishis, is located 10 kms from Lucknow.

The city in its present form was built by Asafuddowla in 1775 AD.

Gomti River flows through the middle of the city.

In 1902, the British brought the area under the command of United Province. After independence, in 1950, United Province was renamed Uttar Pradesh and Lucknow became its capital.